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What are the Advantages of Billboard Advertising vs. Other Platforms?

Thu Oct 20 | Posted by  Daniel Hooper

Billboard advertising has been around since at least the 1860s, and even though there have been many other types of advertising developed, including today’s increasingly popular digital online advertising, billboard advertising is still almost everywhere you go. 

There’s a reason billboard advertising is still around while other types, such as print advertising and TV commercials, have gone into decline: it works. Billboard advertising, both traditional and digital billboard advertising, remains a powerful way for companies to reach prospective clients, and it comes with several distinct advantages. The following are six examples of them.

Billboards Attract Attention and Make an Impression 

You’ve heard the saying that bigger is better, and in advertising, that’s absolutely true. By nature, billboards are large, ranging from 12’ X 24’ wide and high to 20’ X 60’. This size variety makes them easily visible, even if the styling is somewhat plain and simple. Just the size alone commands attention. 

They also capture people’s attention because roadside billboards sometimes provide a change in scenery, especially on rural interstates where there may not be much variety of scenery. Even people who say they don’t like billboards can’t help but notice them, which means the message is getting across. 

Good ad design and messaging can also create a strong impression among viewers, and people remember that messaging much more often than radio and TV ads. 

Billboards Offer A Wider, More Diverse Audience 

Americans spend a lot of time in their cars. Either someone owns and uses their vehicle often or is riding as a passenger in one daily. Compare that to an online ad. Only those who have already chosen to be on that website see that ad. A billboard, then, starts by reaching more eyes and a more diverse audience in terms of age, demographics, income levels, interests and preferences, and more. 

Also, it’s not just drivers and their passengers who see billboards. Thousands or even millions of pedestrians in cities see them, as do people using public transportation. So do cyclists in cities, suburban areas, and even rural locations. 

Billboards, therefore, reach beyond the target audience to audiences that might otherwise never have taken a look. And now, back to that bit about how much time we spend in cars: American drivers drive an average of 25 miles daily. That’s not only more opportunities to see billboards; it’s also more billboards to see. People with the same daily commutes may see billboards on their daily travel routes as many as ten or more times a week.

That increased exposure helps promote your branding, build knowledge and trust in your business, and create a lasting impression of your business.

Strategic Location 

Advertisers will pay extra for a strategically located ad. Examples of this include full-page ads in the front section of a newspaper and Super Bowl halftime and first-quarter ads. A lot more people are going to see those ads, so the extra cost is worth it to advertisers. 

Billboard advertising can use strategic location as well. Here are a few examples, both general and specific: 

  •     Placing a billboard in close proximity to your customer base
  •     A hotel or restaurant placing billboard ads just a few miles from where they’re located. This is a very effective way to reach tired and hungry travelers because now they know what to look for instead of having to wonder what’s up ahead.
  •     Related to the above, giving directions. “Next exit!” “Only three more miles!” And so on.
  •     Locating billboards near major intersections and highway exits.

Encouraging and Increasing Sales With Billboards

By creating an impression, billboards make it more likely that you’ll remember or recognize the business when you actually see it, even if you’re not actively looking for it. And because that impression already exists, the person who saw the billboard is more likely to make a purchase, come inside, etc.

Billboards also appeal to our impulsivity. Say it’s a hot summer day and you see a billboard advertising a homemade ice cream shop. There’s a very good chance you’re suddenly going to find some cold, delicious ice cream really appealing, and you’re more likely to stop when you get there! 

This is why restaurant and hotel billboard ads often depict things like a huge, juicy burger or a smiling, comfortable sleeper with head resting on a fluffy pillow.

Digital Billboard Options 

For a digital world, there are also digital billboards. One advantage to digital billboards is that they can be more eye-catching, especially in a world grown accustomed to digital displays. They also allow more creativity. In addition, digital billboards provide more flexibility than traditional static billboards do, and it’s faster and easier to change a design or update your message with a digital billboard.

Billboards Are Cost-Effective in the Long Run 

A billboard installation cost isn’t cheap, but with all the benefits we’ve already looked at and all the research showing that billboards are highly effective, most businesses have come to realize that billboards are worth it and may even pay for themselves over time.

Digital Billboards by Formetco Digital 

If you now find yourself asking, “How can I find a billboard installer near me?” then you might want to give Formetco Digital a look. We build top-of-the-line digital LED billboards in multiple sizes. Compared to other digital billboards in the industry, ours are brighter, more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and cheaper to operate. They also come with 10-year warranties for your peace of mind. Finally, we offer financing programs, so getting a tremendous digital billboard doesn’t bust your budget. 

For a quote, to get more details about the benefits of digital billboards, or for answers to any other questions, you might have, contact us today!

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