No one gets your new digital billboard up and running faster

The brightest, longest life, most energy efficient, and did we mention shortest lead times, digital billboard available.


While other suppliers struggle with long lead times, Formetco has inventory on hand and ready to go. This means your boards can be installed faster and you can start selling ad space sooner.

Formetco designed the FTX digital billboard so that you would never have to choose between brightness and efficiency. FTX pro technology produces more light with less heat, making it the brightest, most energy-efficient digital display in the world.



The FTX billboard features perfectly matched single bin diodes that are brighter, last longer, and require less power than standard LEDs. The Arched Matte louvers — positioned directly above each LED pixel — also diffuse sunlight and prevent rainwater from beading on the pixels.

This sophisticated system delivers lasting color uniformity unlike any other LED billboard on the market.



We made sure that replacing LED tiles was dead simple. Gone are the days of removing dozens of screws with gloved hands while balancing on a ladder. There are only four quick-release clips to handle. To further assist with a tile change out, FTX tiles have a lanyard that connects back to the display frame.

We even thought through the handle design to minimize dropping. The front and rear service access also allows for pole, wall and custom installations.



The FTX system is fully equipped to withstand salt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures. The power connectors are IP67 certified for total protection against dust and temporary submersion. The module’s inner components are completely sealed with protective silicone to defend against moisture and pollution. Power supplies and data receiver cards are contained in an airtight die-cast aluminum enclosure.


Not all billboards are made the same. Find out why electrical costs are 2xs higher for some LED digital billboards. Watch the video to learn about how the 3 components of a digital sign, LEDs, power supplies and cooling fans, affect billboard efficiency. imgWATCH VIDEO


The FTX billboard is 2x as efficient as the leading competitor, cutting your energy expenses in half. The fanless system is 100% environmentally cooled and prevents water and dirt from infiltrating the cabinetry.

The Delta power supply is ultra-efficient and protected by a heat-dissipating sealed control box. Plus, our advanced photocells continuously adjust brightness to ensure maximum efficiency.

The age of your electronic billboard should never be on display. That is why we offer a 10 year parts warranty that covers LED modules, data/power wires and connectors, power supplies, light sensors, and data receiver cards. Should any troubleshooting needs arise, we also include a 1-year labor warranty.

  • 10-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty
  • Technology Built to Last
  • Unmatched Support & Expertise



Formetco’s Live Action Diagnostics Monitoring continually watches toe LED modules, power supplies, data communications, computer health, internet connectivity, and operating temperature — all while providing auto-correction logic and email alert notifications of any operational issues.



Using bi-directional data, the FTX system assures your digital billboard will retain maximum readability in the event of a break in the data chain. This ensures the smallest amount of your advertisers’ information and artwork is affected.



In the event of a PC failure, the secondary PC immediately connects to the Formetco server to report the issue and to download the latest schedule and sign content. After 60 seconds the display is back up and running with the current schedule, including real time data.



Every FTX digital billboard has a WPS installed, allowing Formetco to remotely cycle power to recover individual devices. Periodically, the PC will send data to the WPS as a keep-alive signal. If the signal is not received, the WPS will power cycle the unresponsive unit.



Designed to remotely control and monitor the SmartLink provides a two-way communication path to Formetco’s digital displays. It’s remote shutdown and startup feature is especially useful during inclement weather or to comply with local ordinances.



The FTX is brighter, lasts longer, and is the lowest cost to operate digital billboard, guaranteed.

Whether it’s simple maintenance or complex troubleshooting, our service technicians are here for you seven days a week.

  • Tech support 365 days a year
  • Onsite training for your personnel
  • Software support for all brands
  • Local service providers that we trust

We’ve been family-owned since the beginning. Since 1968, Formetco has researched, designed and developed thousands of innovative digital displays. We outshine the competition because we offer a superior product, honest warranties and unmatched service. Some manufacturers make billboards; we make beautiful billboards that help your business grow.


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