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What are the Pros and Cons of Billboards?

Tue May 10 | Posted by  Daniel Hooper

When you’re riding down the road, and a billboard catches your eye, you’re probably going to be captivated by whatever advertisement is adorning the highway. Billboards are exciting and catchy ways to advertise. Especially if you put an advertisement out that gets people excited, billboards have the potential to transform someone’s ride to work, school, or wherever they might be going. However, as with all things, billboards have plenty of excellent pros and, of course, some cons as well. We’re going to be honest: there are downsides to billboards. So, let’s go over the pros and cons of billboards so that you can decide if a billboard is right for you.


Pro: It Will Be Seen by a Diverse Audience 

Let’s say that you’re selling skin care products. If you put your billboard on a well-traveled highway, it’s possible that people who aren’t usually avid for skin care, will see your advertisement. So, you have the potential to change people’s minds. When you have a billboard out, it isn’t like social media advertising. Your ad will not only go to people’s algorithm that are interested in your product, already. Instead, you’ll be able to convince people that they need your product, even if they wouldn’t have thought that before seeing your billboard.


Pro: Sales Will Increase 

Billboards are proven to increase sales, so if you put a billboard out, you’re likely to see an increase in sales. This means that you’re likely to see an increase in profits, and that is the point of advertising at large. So, in other words, putting up a billboard is a win.


Pro: It Creates a Visual for Your Brand 

When you put a billboard up, you are correlating a graphic with your company or product. So, instead of people just thinking of your company name, when they think about your company. They’re going to associate your company name with whatever image was on your billboard. This is great because if you’re selling clothes, for example, it’s good for people to visualize your product, not just your name. Visuals are compelling and endearing, and billboards give you the option to have people remember your for more than just your name.


Con: The Exposure Time Will Be Short

Although billboards have the potential to reach a lot of people, in actuality, the time that they will spend with your billboard is short. Usually, people will see billboards as they drive down the street, so there isn’t time for people to interact closely with your advertisement. That’s why it’s important for you to have advertisements that are catchy and quick to read, on your billboard.


Con: Visibility Issues are Possible 

If you post your billboard in an area that is prone to having storms or any other kind of inclement weather, it is possible that people’s access to your billboard will be hindered. Whereas a billboard is completely legible on a bright and sunny day, you probably won’t be able to read your billboard if it is pouring down rain. One storm once and a while won’t affect your sales, but if you expect there to be many storms in your billboard’s area—that might be a problem.


Con: Billboards Can Only Explain So Much 

If you have a complicated product or service, it might be hard to explain what you sell on a billboard. There’s only so much room on a billboard, so the deals that you advertise have to be written in a concise matter. It is always possible that you won’t be able to convince someone to use your product or service, from a billboard, because you might not have enough room on the billboard to market yourself.


Formetco thinks that billboards are pretty great, and despite the cons, there are many reasons why you’d opt for a billboard. If you have any questions about the pros and cons of billboards, contact Formetco, for more information!




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