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Take Out-of-Home Advertising to A New Level with Formetco Digital Billboards

Thu Mar 30 | Posted by  Daniel Hooper

Businesses have a more crowded and competitive playing field than ever before. Any competitive advantage makes a huge difference. Digital billboards provide that advantage, improving customer experience, programmability, and many more aspects. These make digital billboards an attractive choice for businesses’ digital advertising needs. 

FTX Billboard by Formetco Digital

What is out-of-home advertising?

Advertisements that target consumers yet take place in locations other than their homes are said to be “out of house” (OOH). Historically this encompasses anything from billboards to bus shelters, benches, and everything in between. If you encounter an ad outside your house (and it’s not on your cell phone!), you are most certainly seeing some form of OOH ad.

We all spend time outside, yet with the development of digital advertising, it may often be challenging to have your message heard. Thanks to recent digital innovations, OOH addresses this problem and is quickly becoming a potent advertising and marketing tool.

What are the kinds of out-of-home advertising?


Billboards have been a mainstay of American advertising since the mid-1800s. They started out hand-painted, then progressed to printed vinyl sheets. Now, digital billboards made of high-quality LED screens make digital out-of-house advertising easier than ever. 

Buses, Taxis, and other Vehicles

OOH features prominently on the interior and exterior of public transit. Buses and even semi-trucks can be used as giant moving billboards. 

Kiosks and More

Mall kiosks, wayfinding signs, posters, and other outdoor signage can be used as OOH. With digital improvements, many of these can be more changeable and attention-grabbing. 

Why is out-of-home advertising effective? 

Digital advertising on the internet has serious competition in out-of-home advertising. The emergence of ad blockers, for instance, has made digital ad viewability not always ideal. When you factor in the avalanche of data that customers are exposed to every time they go online, it’s simple to see why digital advertising isn’t always the most excellent option.

This is not an issue while using OOH advertising. Because of its scale and contrast with the real-world setting, OOH advertising may significantly influence consumers.

On top of that, OOH helps as a supplement to internet marketing. After seeing an out-of-home (OOH) advertisement, consumers were shown to be 48 percentage points more likely to engage with a digital advertisement.

How do Formetco Digital Billboards level up your OOH advertising?

Digital out-of-home advertising is today’s digital solution augmenting the powerful advertising tactic. 

Although conventional billboards comprise the bulk of OOH inventory, digital displays are increasingly pivotal in OOH marketing efforts.

With improved optimization for digital displays, marketers can craft more targeted consumer messages. More dynamic forms of OOH advertising are also conceivable, thanks to the usage of various triggers.

This breakthrough is no longer in its infancy; marketers have already shown the efficacy of digital OOH. They have also shown that DOOH can be expanded to serve larger audiences.

These developments benefit from better and more precise data. Marketers may now provide timely, personalized content according to the demographics and activities of mobile users

Despite the importance of real-time advertising, it is part of a larger trend toward a more reactive approach in the business. This is fueled by the abundance of data that marketers can access. Because of this adaptability, OOH personalization is on the rise, with marketers seeing great success with DOOH.

Programmatically acquiring digital out-of-home media.

Programmatic procurement of OOH media is a significant development in the digital billboard industry.

It used to include the advertiser, the digital marketing firm, and the OOH owner in a triangular procedure.

Purchasing out-of-home (OOH) space is now instantaneous and not merely automated. But, it may now be found in many of the same places where advertisers buy mobile or display advertisements. This paves the way for marketers to create coordinated campaigns across various platforms, including OOH.

Buying in real-time like this makes leveraging internal and external data sources easier. Like its use in digital marketing, including this in campaigns may increase personalization and return on investment.

Identification and quantification

The measuring process was one instance where the OOH business lagged behind digital media. Detailed, quantitative, and visually accessible data regarding the impact of digital marketing efforts on brand awareness and conversion rates are made available to businesses. Data, however, has made this possible for the OOH sector.

This allows companies to track how many people have seen their OOH ads. Companies no longer have to rely on surveys as the standard method of analysis and insight.

Nevertheless, data-driven innovations go well beyond simple first impressions. The out-of-home attribution loop may be completed with the use of smart data. Store visit location data combined with digital attribution may revolutionize OOH advertising.

Improved Customer Experience

The idea of “customer experience” has been developing throughout time. Businesses and brands increasingly depend on digital media to provide novel experiences to their clientele. Providing information dynamically makes this process a captivating experience. Digital billboards are more than static images; they provide a unique visual and tactile experience.

This expertise is now essential for the growth of any business. Since emotions are so fundamental to the customer experience, it may be challenging to provide positive ones consistently. And sometimes, it is difficult to control these emotions. Yet, digital billboards have been met with overwhelmingly positive client feedback since they provide such delightful opportunities for engagement and entertainment. If customers are happy with the service they receive, they are more likely to recommend the business or product they used. Moreover, loyalty is more likely to exist if the experience exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Competitive Advantage 

Digital signage, namely digital billboards, may also provide a significant competitive edge. An excellent experience gives a point of uniqueness compared to other brands and enterprises. Creativity is key. Digital billboards enable creativity to be employed sensibly and unlike old ones. Each business may use this to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

By choosing digital signs, you cannot only engage your audience in novel interactive experiences, but you can do it in an adaptable and economical manner.

Ready to learn more? Formetco can help. 

Are you ready to see how digital billboards can take your out-of-home advertising to a new level? Contact Formetco today to get in touch with a representative. We’re happy to help you with all of your digital billboard needs.

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