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Choosing the Right Digital Billboard Dimensions

Thu Jun 15 | Posted by  Daniel Hooper

Digital billboard advertising is becoming increasingly prevalent as an alternative to traditional billboards and other forms of advertising. 

More and more businesses are opting for digital billboard advertising. Companies may question what digital billboard dimensions are available and which are the best for them. 

Even if your business rents space on a digital billboard instead of investing on its own, that’s still a capital outlay. And you don’t want to waste by choosing the wrong format size.

Different digital billboard sizes and styles can help you target particular markets and promote various products and services. 

Knowing your target audience and how you can best reach your audience is something to consider.

Advantages of Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboard advertising delivers distinct benefits that other advertising forms could provide or deliver better. Here are just a few:

  • Hard Not To Notice: By design, digital billboards capture attention with dynamic and colorful displays. Traditional billboards are easier to tune out as you drive along. Paper mailers often go straight to recycling bins, online ads annoy many people, and we all know about ads during TV shows.
  • Versatile and Easy To Edit: Programming capabilities allow you to get messages up and edit them quickly and easily. They can also allow for the display of multiple messages. You can also display time-sensitive information without delay.
  • Economical and Efficient: Digital billboard advertising is less expensive than traditional media advertising, and it can be effective at any time of the day or night; it can even be programmed for specific times (like a restaurant advertising breakfast during the morning rush hour).


Different Styles and Dimensions of Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are available in many of the same formats and sizes that traditional billboards are: classic billboards, poster panels, and mobile billboards. 

Let’s look a little more closely at each one and the typical billboard dimensions.

Classic Billboards: These are the large billboards you often see on highways, expressways, and busy streets. Because of their large size, they attract a lot of eyes and attention, targeting large audiences of drivers and pedestrians and creating a solid impression on all who see them. 

Classic billboards come in a wide variety of dimensions. Examples include but aren’t limited to 10 feet high X 30 feet wide, 5 feet high X 36 feet wide, and 14 feet wide X 48 feet wide.

The large size of these billboards makes them more expensive, but if the goal is to reach a large-scale audience, they might be the best way to go.

Poster Panels: Much like classic billboards, poster panels are large (though typically not quite as large) and suitable for attracting the notice of large numbers of people. The typical size is 12 feet high X 25 feet wide, but a smaller 6 feet tall X 12 feet wide version is available. 

You can find Classic Billboards along primary and secondary roadways, and Poster Panels are standard in high-density outdoor areas such as town centers and shopping malls. 

An advantage over traditional billboards that poster panels sometimes provide is that they can be large enough to attract notice without being so large as to dominate the setting and create an overpowering impression.

Mobile Billboards: With this form of digital billboard advertising, you are taking the message to the people you want to reach rather than hoping they’ll come along and see it. Examples include significant events, neighborhoods, and office complexes near a newly opened restaurant. 

The message can constantly be on a van or truck in the target area. And the message often is on both sides and the back. Smaller vehicles offer an advertising space of around 7 feet high X 8 feet wide; larger ones may be 24 feet long. The message has to be concise and catchy so that viewers will notice it, have time to view it and remember it.

Other Ways To Make the Right Choices with Digital Billboards

Knowing the general applications of various digital billboard dimensions and styles doesn’t automatically mean you’ll know your best choice. 

Next, we’ll look at two ways to help you get the most out of your digital billboard advertising and make the best choices. At first glance, they may seem to run counter to one another, but actually, they flow together well if implemented carefully.

Rent Before You Own: If you’re considering purchasing your digital billboard instead of paying to rent space on someone else’s, renting space first’s a good idea. While that might sound like throwing away money, it isn’t in the long term. 

Renting advertising space allows you to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. You can determine the return on investment (ROI) based on style, size, and location. After that, you can make an informed decision.

Invest in More Than One: Once you know what digital billboard sizes and types best match your needs and goals, consider investing in multiple digital billboards. 

Whether renting digital billboard space, buying flat out or financing a digital billboard to buy, more advertising and locations mean more eyes seeing your messaging. If the budget allows for purchase, it’s a move that should pay for itself over time, assuming you’ve already vetted results from the previous approach.

Get Help Choosing Dimensions

Is it time for your business or organization to put digital billboard advertising to work for you? If it is, come and see the industry-leading digital billboard Formetco Digital has to offer. 

We are known for our image quality, innovative design, reliability, and energy efficiency. Our billboards can help you take your marketing to the next level. 

Learn more about our digital billboards and the affordable payment plans that can make them a reality!

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