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Sustainability Efforts in Digital Billboard Manufacturing

Thu Jun 15 | Posted by  Daniel Hooper

There was a time when “going green” was mostly a niche thing, but that time is long past. 

Climate change and resource depletion, along with its attendant environmental and economic costs, have become more significant in the public’s mind.

Old stereotypes about “saving the Earth” have increasingly given way to a greater awareness of the need for sustainability and good stewardship.

Consumers and businesses have emphasized sustainable practices that conserve resources, reduce pollution, and combat climate change. On the consumer end, more people are patronizing companies that make sustainability a priority. In turn, companies adapt practices to appeal to that growing segment.

LED digital billboard manufacturers are part of this trend. Part of the OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising industry, an LED digital billboard manufacturer can work toward sustainability in several ways. 

Before we look at that, though, let’s look at how businesses benefit from sustainable practices.

How Sustainability Benefits Your Business

Of course, the apparent benefit is attracting more customers and building more loyalty and trust among them. However, there are other benefits:

  • Profits Go Up: Adapting to sustainable practices might seem prohibitive, but the switch pays for itself in the long run because…
  • Brand Awareness and Trust Grow: Consumers respect and trust a brand that reflects their values, and they spread the word. That’s how profits go up despite initial expenses that seem dubious.
  • Better Retention and Less Turnover: There’s ample credible evidence that employees who feel valued and who feel like part of a company that matters when it comes to the world they live in now and which their children will inherit are more likely to take pride in what they do and where they work. Consequently, they’re less likely to resign, and every manager knows the time, hassle, and expenses of replacing departing employees.


How LED Digital Billboard Manufacturers Add to Sustainability

The products of every LED digital billboard manufacturer won’t consistently achieve all of the following, but here’s a look at different ways these manufacturers support, reach, and promote sustainable practices:

Reduced Landfill Waste: Traditional billboards generate a lot of waste during their lifespans and when they have to be torn down, and most of that waste ends up in landfills because it can’t be reused or recycled. 

Digital billboards are more durable than traditional billboards. They can change multiple times daily, allowing various entities to use that space. Traditional billboards are more permanent in display. So they tend to lose their effect over time. 

Less Air Pollution: Reducing waste and landfill material does lead to less air pollution, but that’s not the only way an LED billboard manufacturer can take a bit out of air pollution. There are now billboards wrapped with a fabric that can capture and absorb traffic-generated air pollution within a radius of nearly 100’. 

The inventors of this technology estimate that the installation of 250 square meters of this fabric can wipe out the air pollution created by 750,000 gas-burning cars in just one year!

LED Technology: There’s no denying that decades ago, digital displays and electronics, in general, were substantial energy consumers and highly inefficient. With the advent of LED lighting in recent years, though, lighting, especially at night, has become not only better but also more energy-efficient at the same time. 

There is also an increase in lifespan and a decrease in maintenance costs associated with LED lighting over traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. In fact, switching to LED lighting can double or triple a light’s lifespan. Add better visibility and better energy efficiency to that, and you can see why LED lighting is a massive step away from an energy-inefficient past to a more sustainable future.

Harnessing Solar Energy: If the above information isn’t enough to convince you that modern digital billboards don’t deserve the bad rap that people sometimes give them, consider that some modern digital billboards don’t just save energy but also help produce it. 

It’s now possible to mount solar panels above digital billboards, those panels that harness enough energy to power themselves and up to two other digital billboards a day. While this technology is not cheap, a business investing in it with multiple billboards will see this investment pay for itself over time while reaching a wider audience.

Less Paper Waste: Digital billboards can share information that in prior times would have required massive amounts of paper and printed material, plus the means and resources to disseminate them. 

Think about the mailer ads that end up in your mailbox. How many do you look at? How many do you toss? With a digital billboard, you can still get your message out.

Capitalize on Density: More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. That’s not your state or your country; it’s the whole world, and according to projections, that percentage will keep growing. 

There’s not enough space in urban areas for every business to advertise with traditional billboards, and the old-fashioned paper method is less appealing (see litter and landfill waste). Digital billboards, with their changing displays and visual appeal, are an excellent and efficient way to reach audiences in densely populated areas.


The trends are clear and aren’t changing anytime soon: sustainable practices are the way to expand your customer base, improve your branding, and give back to this world that’s given us so much.

Ready for Sustainable Digital Billboard Advertising? 

At Formetco Digital, we offer industry-leading LED digital billboards that will expand your visibility, grow your audience, and cut costs over time.

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