5 Things You Should Know About Media Resources

Fri Apr 5 | Posted by  Daniel Hooper

The Top Digital Replacement Experts in the Southeast

Our Core Values Make the Difference

Formetco has set the standard in constructing billboards for the last 56 years. We have been known industry-wide billboard experts since 1968. It is a title we earned by delivering incredible service, and excellent products, as well as employing the best team in the business. But it is our core values that set us apart and dictate a different way of doing business – and that is the Formetco Advantage.

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Fometco vs. Competitors Like Media Resources

Many competitors have sought to dominate the market – most recently Media Resources, a new business in the Southeast. However, we have never been shaken by competitors. While it is true that Media Resources has an expansive segment of business share in Canada and the Western United States, they have only recently expanded to the Southeast where we have been – past, present, and forever. We have spent several decades in this region working to earn your trust and retain our reputation. Last week’s rave review is never good enough to live up to the Formetco standard of excellence. Daily, we work to earn the trust of the people in our community. We never assume that good is good enough and we never take our loyal customers for granted.

At Formetco, we always keep the customer in focus and listen to your feedback. From customer support to safety training and more – we set the standard. That is why we know our customers are too intelligent to read a ton of braggadocious press accolades or highly curated reviews and make a decision based on that basis. As a company, we expect to have to prove ourselves daily, and earn our “wins”. We have never assumed that we can do that solely based on numbers or press releases. Instead, we strive to live up to our commitment to the customer.

Why Customers Return to Formetco

At Formetco, we are proud of our track record of servicing thousands of billboards over the last eighteen years – that is a good number. We are immensely proud of winning the trust of nearly 10,000 satisfied customers. As a family owned company in Duluth where we have earned the moniker, “replacement experts”, could we rest on our reputation and on the referrals network we have built? Sure we could. We have grown from a small start-up to a team of 213 employees. We own our display technology and our various facilities throughout Georgia allow us real advantages. So, could we sit back and luxuriate on the fact that we have built long-standing partnerships with vendors and businesses throughout the southeastern United States for nearly a half-century and we are the first in the space? We could. However, that would go against our core values. So, while we have the best products, proprietary display technology, and the most robust analysis process in the industry, that makes is great, The single most valuable asset that makes our team the unparalleled best in the game, is the addition of core principles set by our founder decades ago. The same principles our satisfied customers have come to expect.

Media Resources, Good Enough

If we seem eager to talk about Media Resources or any other company that would like to share the space with us here in the Southeast, it is because we love what we do! Welcome to the Southeast Media Resources. We will never disparage or push out new market occupants like Media Resources. Not at all – we thrive on the challenge. Nor would we say a bad word about a competitor either. From what we hear, Media Resources is a stable group of proprietors – good enough at least to win awards, gain some press recognition, and garner celebrity endorsements. Congratulations are in order for making the big move to into the Southeast. Why are we so generous in our praise, you ask? Because it is this kind of challenge that historically has made us better. No competitor could ever challenge us more than we challenge ourselves.

Digital Billboard Precision Analysis

At Formetco, our process has been carefully curated because we have listened to the consumer over many years. Our onsite and plant analysis stands above other digital replacement companies for several reasons. We use only the best in the business and deploy precision on-site analyses. Our team delivers plant analyses no matter how small or big your roster. After the site assessments, we take it one step further and offer a digital report card, including a full audit of your plant and a custom roadmap for future success.

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At Formetco, We Value Relationships

Whether you are the owner of 20 billboards or 200+ Digital Billboards throughout the state, we have exclusive partnerships that we can call on with ONE call to make sure that you have the right parts, the best LED display, and more. Our turnkey solutions are head and shoulders above the rest.

Formetco – Founded on Core Principles in 1968

Character First, Safety Matters, Customer Focus, Will to Win

Many companies like Media Resources boast of being on several Deloitte “best” lists and top 50 “fast-growing” lists. It is certainly a win. It must mean they have an excellent publicity team. And they deliver a decent product. However, we ask, “Where in their brand mission do they mention value, customer focus, or integrity?” Our first principle – character first – is all about honesty and integrity. For the past 50 years that value has NEVER been compromised. From a small shop in Pennsylvania to our nationwide company with its brands and shareholders, we have been toiling diligently in the Southeast and beyond, building the best service in the country, courting legacy partnerships, while refining our values and processes and winning and retaining the trust of our customers and vendors. We have exclusive partnerships across America, some of which took decades to build. Our mid to large-sized businesses and even our single owner-operators, appreciate our core values and our commitment to the community we have served for a half-century.

No other billboard replacement experts in the Southeast can claim that standard of ethics and excellence. So, while we appreciate a little competition, and even welcome it, we always follow one standard: Good isn’t good enough. We ask all our customers: Would you like us to show you why we can do better?

Why Customers Turn to Formetco – The Leader in Digital Billboard Replacements

Mike Billco sums, VP of Content Production at The College Hall of Fame, sums it up better than we ever could. Like many of our loyal customers, initially, he chose us for one job and never went to anyone else. He speaks to the quality of our services and products. But he also talks about the support, the experience, and the willingness to work with his team. His feedback supports the many reasons so many customers consider Formetco the top digital billboard replacement experts in the Southeast. It always comes back to our values.

We had such a great experience with Formetco on the first 2 boards that were put in when we launched. The price was fantastic, the support level has always been there, and the willingness to work with us on a lot of different needs because we’re a very specific business – there was never really a consideration of going with anyone else.

College Football Hall of Fame

At Fometco, we never retreat from competitors like Media Resources. We simply turn to our core values, what matters to us – character, the customer, safety, and the will to win. Then we ask how can we be better. That is the Formetco Advantage.

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5 Things You Should Know About Media Resources

5 Things You Should Know About Media Resources

img Daniel Hooper • Fri Apr 5

The Top Digital Replacement Experts in the Southeast Our Core…

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