How to Maximize Your Atlanta Impact with Digital Billboards

Sat Aug 26 | Posted by  Daniel Hooper

There’s a logical reason so many attention-grabbing billboards soar over busy highways: it’s where the most people will see them. With today’s advances in screens and signage, advertisers who want to reach a large audience with powerful messages can use digital billboards. 

Electronic displays, aka digital billboards, can be found in various public places, including highways, city streets, and shopping centers. Advertising, PSAs, and other forms of communication may all find a home on these screens.

Out-of-home advertising, or OOH for short, is a form of marketing that uses non-residential locations to reach customers. Signs on the side of buses and trains are just a few examples of out-of-home advertising. With high-impact digital billboard signs, you can leave a lasting impression with visually striking and interactive advertising.

Guidelines For Effective Digital Billboard Marketing

You can discover more about the people who will see your advertisement and whether or not they are your target demographic by analyzing demographic data for a certain area, such as its ethnic make-up, income level, age range, and level of education.

First, you’ll need to know the answers to three questions regarding your advertising campaign before selecting the optimal billboard position based on demographic indicators. 

  • Who is this message for?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they often hang out?

Better placement choices may be made if these questions are answered early in the design process. You may make an informed choice by comparing demographic details about your intended audience with those of the possible location.

How To Find The Best Local Digital Billboard Company

Several companies in the Atlanta metropolitan area are turning to digital billboards to raise brand awareness and broaden their customer base. It might be challenging to pick the best digital billboard advertising agency from the numerous that exist in Georgia. Here, we’ll review what you should look for in a digital billboard advertising agency.

Things to Think About

There are several things to consider when choosing an advertising business for digital billboards. For example:

  • Find a business with proven expertise in developing eye-catching digital billboard campaigns. They should be familiar with the intricacies of the media and skilled at making advertising that gets people to pay attention.
  • Think about the company’s capacity to reach the people you want to reach. Find a firm to get your message to the appropriate individuals at the correct time.
  • Pick a well-established firm in the regions you intend to target with your marketing efforts. This will guarantee that the appropriate demographic sees your adverts.
  • Find an advertising agency that uses cutting-edge methods of production and presentation for your commercials. This will help your advertisements stand out from the crowd and be more interesting to potential customers.
  • Expense: Research and shop around for the best digital billboard advertising rates.

Formetco is the Atlanta metropolitan area’s premier digital billboard manufacturer.

Best Practices For Digital Billboard Advertisements In Atlanta

Ads on digital billboards in Atlanta, Georgia, should be simple and clear so that they can be read quickly and understood by their intended audience. Write copy in short, straightforward lines that prompt the reader to take action.

Use eye-catching colors and pictures to draw in your audience. To get your ad seen, choose bold hues and complementary combinations.

The digital billboard’s placement is essential to its overall effectiveness. For optimum effect, put it where many people will see it, like on busy streets or in densely populated areas. This helps you maximize the cost of your investment. 

To eliminate guesswork when determining traffic patterns in the area around your potential billboard location, you should contact the Department of Transportation in your state.

Compared to still pictures, animated commercials elicit greater interest. Motion graphics are the way to go if you want to get your point out quickly and effectively.

Advantages And Benefits Of Digital Billboard Advertising

In recent years, digital billboard signage has risen in popularity as a means for companies to advertise their wares. This section will explain why it is crucial for companies to explore digital billboard signage and its many advantages.

Reach and Exposure Have Grown

One of their primary advantages is the expanded audience reach that digital billboards offer. Thousands of people pass through digital billboards every day, thus, they are typically located in high-visibility places like major thoroughfares and city centers. Compared to more conventional types of advertising like print or radio, this allows companies to get their message out to more people.

Increased Use of Niche Marketing

Digital billboards may also be tailored to certain demographics. With programmatic advertising, companies can reach their target consumers with messages relevant to their demographics and interests. This has the potential to increase participation and make marketing efforts more fruitful.

Playable Elements

Interactive capabilities on digital billboard displays are another way to draw in passersby. LED displays can be set to play pre-recorded animations or films to entice people to do the desired action, such as visiting a website or buying something.


Digital billboard signage’s sophisticated capabilities should not come at the expense of its efficiency as an advertising medium. Digital billboards have the potential to more efficiently employ advertising space since they can show more than one ad at a time. In addition, digital billboard ads may be acquired flexibly, giving companies more leeway to tailor their campaigns to the available resources and the outcomes they hope to achieve. Thanks to these factors, digital advertising is more sustainable than conventional billboards. 

Cost-effective Outdoor Marketing With Digital Billboards

Advertisements on digital billboards are a kind of out-of-home marketing that uses electronic displays to reach potential customers. With the proliferation of digital tools, it has become a standard strategy for reaching many people.

Advertise your company in a variety of ways using digital billboards. You may use it to showcase products, advertise sales or events, or spread the word about your company. 

Digital billboards are an affordable solution for businesses with limited marketing budgets. Buying ad space in real-time auctions is possible with programmatic advertising. Narrowing your marketing reach to a certain group can save you money without sacrificing effectiveness.

LED displays are another alternative since they are more cost-effective and consume less energy than conventional billboards. LED displays are also more flexible since they can be installed anywhere, from shops and museums to events.


Digital billboard advertising uses LED displays to show digital content. This type of advertising has become popular because it can give high-impact, engaging material to a big audience. Programmatic advertising has made digital billboard signage more affordable for businesses of all sizes.

The benefits of digital billboard advertising are many. One of its advantages is targeting a specific audience by location and time of day. Digital billboards may display various advertisements at different times of the day, allowing companies to target certain populations with appropriate content.

High visibility is another benefit of digital billboard advertising. LED displays are eye-catching and beneficial for brand exposure and sales. Businesses may also change their messaging and promotions quickly using digital billboard signs.

When choosing digital billboard advertising for your marketing plan, assess the pros and cons. Digital billboard advertising can be costly, but many companies find it worth it since it can reach a huge audience with high-impact messages.

Digital billboard advertising boosts brand recognition and revenue for businesses. Digital billboard signage is becoming more popular for out-of-home advertising because it can target specific groups, give compelling information, and keep up with messages and promotions. Contact Formetco today to start your journey to more engagement with digital billboards.


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